Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolution

I will give this blogging a good go, this is my New Year Resolution!
"To blog on a regular basis not to just blog-stalk other people!"
I'm not one for setting a N-Y-R as I usually have no chance of sticking to it, why set yourself up for a fall when there really is no need!! but this year I will give it go. Fingers crossed...

This is the pinata that I made for Xmas Day!! Isn't he cute?? & he was a huge hit - pardon the pun :0) My SIL filled it to the brim with chocolates, lollies, balloons & little packets of chips & we all had a go a bashing him with a foam baseball bat that she got!! It was so funny to watch everyone, including Mum & Dad have a go at him!! Finally, after quite a few whacks he broke & spilled all his goodies out. The kids got a huge haul of goodies, just what they needed, more lollies on Xmas day!!! They took a huge bag of goodies home with them. This is what he looked like after we were all done bashing him around, the boys gave him a pretty hard time I might add....

Poor old Santa!!

When it was Alex's turn to hit Santa, Steve got the great idea of holding it up out of his reach, he had him swinging in the air at nothing & yes we all had a great laugh at Alex's expense!! I will say that he was a great sport about it & kept going even when I'm sure he cottoned on that he was swinging at nothing, he played along well. It makes me laugh now thinking about it :0)

Alex heading in the complete wrong direction......
you can imagine 8 people all yelling directions at you,
turn around
turn to your left
no your right
Poor kid, but look at the cheeky grin on Steve's face!! He was in his element tricking poor Alex. Just lucky he didn't get hit in the process of random swinging!!

We had a fantastic Xmas day together, all the family in one place at one time is usually a pretty fun time.

Well the lovely Lindy has just dropped of my finished CJ that I did with the beautiful girls at SWV, I can't wait to see what you girls have done. I had a quick-sneak peek so I'm off to have a in depth look at what you've all put in there for me!! Will take some pics for you all to see.


lindy said...

Welcome to the blogging world
you finally did it
good on ya Kye

Ness said...

Hey Kylie, your blog is looking great, well done. Welcome to the blogging world.

Annette said...

Hi Kylie,
love your blog, well done you
your pinata is fabulous,

phillipa said...

Well how cool are you??

Kerry said...

Love that cute