Wednesday, October 26, 2011

nothing much...

but a BROKEN computer!!!

DEAD is a better description really..

managed to save all files but one!! AMAZING to say the least...even better the one that couldn't be saved was photos that i had printed already!!


so there will be no pictures for a while...

i have to find the cable to my compt had a SD slot this one doesn't.

but here's a little share for WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY

I got new shoes!!!

well I'm not wearing them NOW but when i go out in a few weeks time i will be!!

LOVE THEM...totally impractical but totally gorgeous


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

what i wore...

all ready???!!!...

i really must try harder i think...
pretty much then same as my usual attire when i have to go out for non-important duties...jeans (the weather has changed again & its a little cool???), singlet & a 3/4ish light top - which i love!
no make-up or jewellery...kinda boring but that's me most days ;0)

then for some extra glamour i put on my apron & made a cake!! & then promptly dropped it on the bench when i was getting it out of the tin!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! look in the container...see the raggedy bit on the end...aaaauuuurrrggghhh!!!

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