Friday, September 30, 2011


123 challenge was to use

the colour WHITE, the word ON & WHITE SPACE as a technique...

so that's what i did!

I painted a whtie BG for my pic & added some other splats along the way, added some bright colours & bold pp on the black CS. the title..get your cool quite appropriate for A at the moment, he's taken to skateboarding & looking the part is a must!! the pic was taken on his 13th b'day with his new skateboard he got for a pressie.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

passion for fashion...

is on over at ScrapBoutique & is into Week 4 already but here is my week 3 page...

the theme was CONSERVATIVE (feminine/demure) so taking inspiration from the description given....pastel colours, small prints, simple accessories & rounded lines (just some) I came up with this LO.

I used a pic of Miss T & A taken in Vegas last year.


it is Wednesday isn't it???...

school holidays make the days all run together....

its what i wore Wednesday & let me say this

nothing to flash in the fashion stakes here today!!

rivers tshirt - one of their $6 specials!! & trackies!!

i do have new dark hair after a trip to the hairdressers though :0)

Mum will not like it but i'm really liking it dark & got rid of that horrid blonde bit in the side...

this is what i am surrounded by...1 million scrappy pages!!! that need to be put into these albums...

i have 7 to fill...

so wish me luck!!

& catch all the what i wore Wednesday cuteness over at Mardi's


8 albums filled & still a HUGE pile of pages to go....OMG!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i am here...

just in case you were wondering!!

& i forgot my camera cord so i can't upload any of my pics :0(

be back next week.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

passion for fashion...

is on over at ScrapBoutique & i joined in for fun!

here week 1 LO...
the theme was Haute Couture.

& you have to translate that to a scrap page!!! i used some pp frills, punched cirlce for layers, spiral flowers & a unique photo from Valentines day a few years back - some heart coral i found on the beach & a note from darling S on my shopping list!

Week 2 is Dramatic...

yeah...not sure about this one?? & you also had to use a quote from a movie.

I used one from Footloose ' I thought this was a party...let's dance.' Footloose was actually the song that was playing when i took this photo while i was out with some friends!


Friday, September 9, 2011

today i...

did some boring house stuff...

so i took some pics just for fun!!

hung the sheets out & then it rained!!!

ate delicious avo on wholemeal toast with s&p...YUM!!

wore my super cute neck scarf that Ma knitted!! it was chilly walking this morning!!

baked a choc cake..again YUM!!

painted my toes purple!!

& i've just finished my first TGIF drink!! once again YUM!!!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


where did the week go???!!!...
i can't believe its's what i wore..

just the norm...jeans, singlet top & cardi... also a cute necklace that i finally got around to fixing, i will see if i can get a good close up of it.
you could join in yourself...or you can check-out Yvette, Janelle, Mardi, Lis, Jane, to name a few joining in!!


Monday, September 5, 2011

wanna see some cards...

that i made for class...

that i am teaching at Arnolds.

you can find all the details on their calendar, but the dates are 6 & 22 Sept.