Tuesday, November 30, 2010

more Lombard...

From the bottom of Lombard Street, looking up.
I stood in the middle of the street to take this pic ;0)

just a closer view :0)
& you can somewhat see the bends in the street...each of the Hydrangea clumps is a corner...if you get the idea.

the stairs that you walk up, these run up/down both sides of the street & as you can see are EXTREMELY STEEP... Most of the peoples front doors are actually just to the side of these steps!!! & there is a break in them for the drive-ways.

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Gorgeous in real life...

a beautiful Holly Tree on Lombard....

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Me on Lombard St...

Some pics from my trip to San Francisco...the first is of Me on Lombard Street...
The crocked street in San Fran...there are lots of sharp turns & its very steep to walk up!! I waked up & down a couple of times just so that i could take it all in. The thing that amazed me most was that this most famous street is actually where normal people live!! Their houses are right on the street, their drive-ways are nearly part of the street its that close!!
The plants are perfectly manicured & the hydrangeas were in full bloom & looked gorgeous. I even spotted my first real live Holly tree growing in someones from yard (what they have of a front yard :0) ). Just beautiful!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hi from LA...

Well...we arrived in LA this morning after a HORRIBLE flight!!!
It was bumpy & seemed like it took 2 weeks to get here...half way over i got sinus & had nothing to take for it!!! suffered in silence & used up my share of Qantas tissues!! have now bought the biggest packet of sinus tabs i could get & won't be running out any time soon.
but finally we are here.
& i've already hit the shops :0 )
We are staying at a Holiday Inn which is just across the street from a Target store!!!
OMG Target Australia has a long way to go to match what they have here!!!
I spent hours walking around the store looking at STUFF...if only i was allowed to fill the whole plane with just my stuff i would be set!!!
Its amazing in there...
everything you could need...clothes, bedding, shoes etc & then a grocery section!!
& also you can get yourself a Pizza Hut pizza & a Starbucks too!!!
We are off to have dinner soon, next door there is a Fudruckers...maybe have a burger...YUM
The boys are tired & whining..the kids never complained they were keen to keep going but the big boys are tired & getting cranky...LOL
Already i am sick of hearing about their POO!! you would think at their age the conversation would have developed a little more???
Was funny to start & now i don't care!!
Tomorrow more shopping...a little down the road to outlet shopping!! YAY
Miss T & A...hope your behaving & WASHING THE DISHES for Ma....:0)
talk to you tomorrow...i'm hungry & it dinner time here

Monday, November 8, 2010

Melbourne Cup...

Did you have a win??
I certainly didn't...i don't even know where the horse i drew in the Scrapin' Sweep i was part of came???? ;0) but fun all the same.
Here's the LO i did to be part of the sweep...
Scrapz.Biz Melbourne Cup Flutter
Criteria was - scrap a pic of someone dressed to kill - used Ness & Millie dressed up for fancy dress dinner at SWV Retreat!
- item from your wardrobe - used heart charm from old necklace
- something that flutters - made butterflies using flowers & wire
- & there was a lovely sketch to base our LO on.
aren't the girls looking gorgeous!!
I joined in their scrap sweep last year too, i think its a great Melbourne Cup sweep idea.

what else...

found these pics of A that he took using the web-cam!!
too funny but oh so cute

3D glasses from the cinema & Mickey Mouse ears from Disneyland
whats with the pouty lips???

appropriate title...U R AWESOME
LO from Scrapz.Biz October step-by-step.

what the???...

where has the time gone???...
been busy doing other stuff & bloggin just seems to get lost...
heres what i've been doing...
NEW sketch for

& heres what i did...