Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prima's got a secret...

& I wonder what it is...
Guess we all have to wait & see!

Monday, February 22, 2010

look some pics....

I've figures out how to upload photos from the camera into my new computer!!
Wonders will never cease....
here's just a few to start....
The biggest kid of them all!! Test riding the Go-Cart that he & A made during the holidays!! Let me tell you its a pretty mean piece of machinery!! S was pretty pleased with how it turned out & A loved it & had a great time riding down the hill in our street.

Speaking of A....what a dill he is!! A selfie he took wearing his new sunnies...Sponge Bob Square Pants is all the rage :0)

Miss T...looking less then impressed that I was taking a pic of her, lovely all the same.

mmmm....Prima product picks....

nearly to good to be true!!
Love this new Prima product picks, go here to have a look-c
Love those new flowers, the roses are devine!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pawknock Appeal....2010

Pawknock Appeal 2010 is on again...

21 February until 6 March

people will be door knocking to collect much needed funds for the Guide Dogs Queensland.

Here's some info if your interested in volunteering or donating.

& have a look-c at who is featured in their 50th year advertising... :0)



YAY....can you hear the cheerin'

I got a new computer & its up & running!!!

Just got to get my photoshop & office program put on later in the week & its all good to go from there! It's been a long time since I've been able to do a lot of things & have really missed being in compt land. Strange to miss a computer but that's how it is now, so much of our live revolve around using them!! BUT I'm SOOOOO very happy to have a new compt & thanks so much to Cptn Barry for setting it all up, he's such a treasure!!

& just cause I can here's the Feb sketch from over here

A delightful sketch by Ness, must get it done!!!
& also this one from over here...

must get myself onto doing this LO, its very pretty!
Got lots of stuff that I should be doing but just can't seem to find the some cards to make & also some LO's that I must get scrapped!!!
I'm off to blog surf...maybe that'll help. Or at least catch me up on whats been happening over the last month!!!