Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back 2 School

Well...the kids are back at school for another year!!
Miss T in Yr10 & A in Grade 7, certainly a big year for the both of them!
I didn't get much out of A about his first day, just that they played footy at lunch & that they had to draw a picture telling things about themselves -likes ect. He likes his teacher, he has had her for 3 different year levels throughout his schooling & shes a fantastic teacher. She knows what he's like & what he's about so she'll be on him quick smart if he gets out of line for sure. ;0)
Miss T was happy to get back to see her friends but not much more then that, she's already complaining about one of new teachers that wasn't very good at explaining what was expected in class. Poor teacher wasn't given much of a chance by the sounds. We'll see how it goes...
We made the final payment for our up coming OS holiday!!
So there's no backing out now, just got to get the US $ to go back up now!!
We've been Googling lots of things & seeing what we can get up to in LA & Las Vegas while we are there. Lots to do & see that's for sure!!!
Still no computer for me, I'm off to the shops to have a look-c tomorrow. Know what I want just need to find it at a price that suits my budget!!! If only that money tree out the back would grow!!! So wish me luck in my search for the much needed & desperately wanted (especially by the kids!!! :0) ) computer. Can't wait to be able to upload some pics again, makes for a boring post with no pics to see :0)

Monday, January 25, 2010

still here...

Well time sure does fly when your having fun!!!
Have just got back from 2 glorious weeks of sunshine, beach & fun...Noosa is a wonderful place!!!
I can't show any pics as I still haven't got around to getting myself a new computer...a must do this week or maybe next as its a busy one here already.
But now its back to reality with a huge thud!!!
We have renovated the last two rooms of the house that needed to be done & its all nearly finished...thank goodness.
NEVER AGAIN will I renovate & S agrees. YAY - the next house (if there is a next house....) will be all done & finished before I move anything into it! Let me say cleaning up plaster dust isn't fun at all!
Am looking forward to catching up on everyones news, gossip & scrappin...I've got a lot of blog surfing to do :0)
Anyway, off to IKEA to get some much needed storage for A's new room & then everything can be put back into his wardrobe!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Can you believe it...another year ahead already!
What will 2010 bring you?

To me...

a new computer - as mine has died - dead as a doornail!! So I have to use S laptop so no pics for a bit!

a NEW camera - I want a Nikon SLR, can't remember the model but easy to use & nice & light compared to other brands i've looked at.
an OS holiday - to take the kids Boldto Disneyland is the plan & make it a once in a lifetime holiday - have been saving...saving...saving...passports are being organised as I type :0)

to run 10kms without stopping - at present I can do 5kms so i've got a bit to go hey!!!???...but I will get there sooner or later. Running is getting easier each time I go so must up the days a week I do it from 2 to 3 from now one I think.

to keep my weight to what it is now - or maybe even loose 4 more kgs to get me to what I really would be happy with...lost 4kgs before Xmas & kept it off over Xmas/New Year celebrations!! I've got a great kick start eating plan if anyone is interested leave a comment or email me.

to celebrate the little things - good grades from the kids, fast car times from S & birthday dinners for everyone.