Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i MUST have one of these!!!

The most gorgeous camera bags I've ever seen....

Room inside for DSLR camera, extra lens & camera gear, outer zipper pocket & much, MUCH, more...

...i am in LOVE...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy B'day Miss T


Banana Split...Choc Mint...Choc M'M


& a pic of Miss T & me with 'Reece' my stand-in son as A would have nothing to do with a photo & S was ignoring my request for a family pic!!!


I've worked it out...
I can now upload my pics to my blog...
Just have to resize them to fit, new camera is set to HUGE file size & pics were to big to upload to blogger....durrr...what a twit I am...

Well got it worked out now...
Here's Miss T...sparkler twirling...
your never to big to play with sparklers & really you have no choice but to when your Mum has a new camera to play with!!
I got this photo using the Auto night setting, can't wait to work out all the manual settings if this is how good the auto is.

Isn't she a gorgeous girl...she had such a great night with everyone at home to celebrate her b'day, her choice of a BBQ dinner & yummy cupcakes for desert.

ohhhh..a tea party...

& I get to go!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Aussie Scrapjack

Over at Aussie Scrapjack
they've got some fantastic artist to scrapjack this month.
In particular I like this gorgeous card...

...Made by Sarah Schwerin...
This is the LO I created using her gorgeous card as inspiration, mostly taken from the quote on her card ' choose red for a splash of colour '

Very different from what I usually do but i had fun all the same & used some of my sisters beautiful Red glimmermist....very nice colour indeed :0) Scarlet I think its called????

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I nearly can't believe it myself & it has to be seen to be believed...
I scrapped all of these LO on Saturday!!!

I started this LO out with 'Blind Scrap' instructions but couldn't work out how all the pp fitted onto the LO so just did what I wanted in the end. A fun LO using a pic of Miss T & A I took last year when the new Woody Point Jetty opened. A, of course, wouldn't smile & pulled a silly face...hence the title....It says 'Alex must you always pull a funny face!'

This Lo was for the March Colour Chall over at SWV
Use black & orange pp & a tree on your LO, this is what I ended up with. Just 1 piece of pp, some pics of A dressed up as a Skeleton, a journal spot & mini alphas title!! Not the most complex LO but all I could manage....

This LO was from the March SWV CC, it was a chall set by Belinda. I didn't enter it as it had to have 'Groovy' as the title & I couldn't fit it in with my pics, I did the chall just for myself. Lots of fun. Pics are ones the kids took of themselves a few years ago...goodness knows what Miss T has done to her hand & look at A in the background...too funny.

These pics were taken by A, he set up all his Hotwheels cars & then drag raced his faves. Great photography I think..very clever to include a wheel stand. I actually used the Prima BAP sketch as a base for this LO.
I really like the sketch they have going this month.

I love this pic of my nephew, he's grown into a very handsome young man. Here he is with those pink sunnies on, he wore them for the whole weekend while at the Gympie Muster last year, pretty typical of him.

still can't get actual photos uploaded...will try again tomorrow...

Friday, March 19, 2010


I still can't upload photos!!!!
Whats going on???
Just one bit of news for you....
would be better with a pic to go with it but just imagine...
This little story is about darling A....
This is very typical of him!!!
I guess this is how your brain works when you are nearly 12???
Here's how the story goes...
After picking the kids up after school on Wednesday this is the conversation that happened in the drive way at the petrol station as I was outside the filling the car up....

Miss T to A 'What did you do to your eyebrow?'
A to Miss T ' nothing...'

Miss T to A 'yes you did!!Did you shave it off!!???'

A to Miss T ' No i didn't!!'

Miss T to Me 'MUM did you see A's eyebrow? He shaved it off!!!'

Me to A ' YOU DID WHAT??? LET ME SEE!!!'

& let me tell don't want to hear what I said to him next...
So for the next 6 weeks of so darling A is going to have 1 & 1/2 eyebrows.
WHAT THE...he said he thought it would just grow back...well not over night darling boy.
OH MY....what next????

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

just playing...

with this little beauty...

Isn't she lovely!!
My new Nikon D3000
Blogger won't let me upload any of my until I work that out I can't show you any of the pics I've taken :0(
But I do LOVE my new camera!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

scrappin weekend

Another great scrappin weekend...
Went to the Scrap with V crop day on Saturday over at Albany Creek & it was lot of usual! Thanks Ness & Lindy for a great day xx
They are such a great bunch of girls & there's always a laugh to be had.
Great to see everyone & to meet some new lovely girls that I'd only seen online blogs to stalk...i mean follow :0)

Also Scrap with V CC this weekend
& managed to get some of the challs done
Chall 2 set by VanessaB
  • Use 9 strips pp
  • bows
  • 'colour' in your title
Chall 4 - Sketch set by Tarrah
& a lovely sketch from

Mystery Chall was with Brigitte

Got one more chall to do & will get it done this week sometime.
Also managed to get the SWV March sketch Chall done
created by Mandy...its a fantastic sketch to work with.
here's my take on it...
This last LO is for the March A2Z Sketch Chall
Once again my Lo is somewhat different from the sketch...


Thursday, March 4, 2010

what a girl...

Look at this gorgeous RAK...
The very sweet Jodi over here
is giving away this beautiful bottle of flower love!!
She was the lucky winner of this gorgeous Prima RAK.

& is sharing her good fortune.

All you have to do is become a follower on her blog, put a link on your blog to hers & your in for a chance to win (Aust entries only)'ve got til the 10th March


Monday, March 1, 2010

new sketch @ crafty sketches

A new month & a new sketch & done by the lovely Kim...
& here's my take on it....
just stand on your head, shut one eye & then mine will look just like the sketch!!
No really I just flipped it & turned it upside down & did a boy version.
This pic was from last December when I went & saw Keith Urban in concert here is Brissey, it was a fantastic show & he is just so easy to look at!! oh I mean listen to ;0)
Go over here..
to find out all the details.