Monday, August 31, 2009

VERY very slack...

Well....i have been slack!!
I've been taking my pics of the day but just not quite getting them uploaded.
Anyway here they are only one more to go today!!

A typical Sunday arvo for me is spent scrappin, today was no different :0) I had a sketch to get done & found a great pic of Miss T to scrap & used some pp that I'd bought on a whim FINALLY!

Pic # 24
WHAT THE?? Its August 24 & look at the temp!! In the 30s & this little one read 38!! was is full sun on the back deck but still it was HOT today, hottest day on record.

Pic # 25 annoyed me!! Went to the shops, its hot & I decided I would have a look & see what shorts were around because if you don't get them at the start of the season you can't get any in season!! Whats with that?? Anyway found some I liked had to try them on cause you never know, they fitted after several trys but look at the sizes that I ended up with!! A size 10 & a size 14, you've got to be kidding me!!! :0( whats with Aust clothes sizing?????

Pic # 26
If only there wasn't power lines & street signs...wouldn't it be a great sun-set! Just imagine that there not there. Oh well...sunset in the city :0) from the front of my house.

Pic # 27

Treated myself & got my nails done :0) made me happy so I went for a walk on the beach before picking A up from school. The water was nice & beach was lovely, as usual! I should go there more often...maybe in summer I need to make that happen!!

Pic #28
We are off on a weekend away...just me & S! Off to see some friends that moved to Mackay & for the boys to go to a car thing!!
Here we come Carltons!! look out :0)

Pic #29
What a day...the shopping is great in Mackay!! Bargains galore I tell you!! & found this amazing party shop, I've not seen anything like it!!! if they don't have it I doubt you can get it!! FANTASTIC but back to the pic....Its the wallpaper in the ladies toilets at the Magpies Club in Mackay!! Once again a first for me...firstly I've not been to a club where the toilet cubicles are each a separate little bathroom - bench, basin, mirror, toilet all in the one stall & very nice! What a great idea - maybe I need to get out more!! Also I can honestly say this is also the first time I've taken a photo in a bathroom, its not the norm ;0)

Pic #30
WOW...Our lovely host took us for a quick trip around Mackay, up to the lookout at Slade Point - oh I can't remember I don't know if that's right!! Anyway over looking the beach & down in the back is the sugar mills where the ships come in to pick it up! Perfect weather & the water was just lovely & so clear!!


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Kris said...

Great Pics Kylie...looks like you've been having fun girl! As for the size differences in our "Aussie" clothing...the labels tell it all mate....Made in China :( but eh, it's only a label, don't let the numbers bother you lol.