Sunday, August 9, 2009

playin' catch-up

photo # 7

Today was the day that all the numbers aligned with the universe to create an amazing thing {according to my 11yr old son :0) }, the date & time read...
12.34pm 56sec 07/08/09
AMAZING..i I had to capture his reminder on our home calendar.

# 8

I spent the day scrappin' with some lovely ladies & delish cupcakes to help raise much needed funds for the cancer council! Here's a pic of the 'double choc-chip with choc fondue icing & violet crumble' cupcake. Special thanks to my hand-model Pippy.

A's last footy game was this morning... & a beautiful warm winter morning it was. He played out on the wing & although they got thrashed 48 - 6 (thank-goodness it wasn't 0!!) it was a pretty good game. He even managed to receive a players award form the coach, so YAY for him! I finally remembered to take the camera & got some great pics of him on the field in amongst the action.

More tomorrow.


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Melissa said...

the 123456789 thing was cool and i was teaching and missed it and i go kids look, it 1240 and i was gonna turn the clock back but didn't want to break the clock on my 1st day of teaching...i left you an award, but u don't need to do anything as u got one from Tina..have a great week. Doing good(not great) on your photo a day...LOL the photos are nice.