Thursday, August 13, 2009

gotta love a freebie!!

photo #13
Thank-u Mr Woolworth's!! AGAIN!!! I got another free mag courtesy of Woolworth's scanning policy this arvo, I think that makes 3 free mags in the last few months. You know the policy, if it scans for more then whats on the ticket you get it for free. I think that deserves a place in the August photos :0)

& some EKKA photos

There was a free Rock climbing wall - thanks everyone for paying their Taxes as it was sponsered by the QLD government, as part of their 'got your 30?' - 30mins of exercise a day program. The kids loved it anyway!! Miss T made it to the top.

A scooted up the top no worries at all...this was him on the way down!

Playing scientist, in the Science Week Pavilion, where we spent a couple of hours!! He had so much fun in there doing all the experiments & looking at the displays.

Waiting for the ride to start...

Had to be quick to get his shot...lucked it really!! They loved the ride but didn't go on anymore, they choose to spend their money on more showbags instead.

Here we are waiting for the train to take us home, we were all very tired...obviously me more so then the kids :0)
Side-show alley is right beside the train platform, looks so nice at night. far no-one has grown a piggy tail & I haven't heard any snorting so we must have left the Swine Flu bug at the EKKA.

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