Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back 2 School

Well...the kids are back at school for another year!!
Miss T in Yr10 & A in Grade 7, certainly a big year for the both of them!
I didn't get much out of A about his first day, just that they played footy at lunch & that they had to draw a picture telling things about themselves -likes ect. He likes his teacher, he has had her for 3 different year levels throughout his schooling & shes a fantastic teacher. She knows what he's like & what he's about so she'll be on him quick smart if he gets out of line for sure. ;0)
Miss T was happy to get back to see her friends but not much more then that, she's already complaining about one of new teachers that wasn't very good at explaining what was expected in class. Poor teacher wasn't given much of a chance by the sounds. We'll see how it goes...
We made the final payment for our up coming OS holiday!!
So there's no backing out now, just got to get the US $ to go back up now!!
We've been Googling lots of things & seeing what we can get up to in LA & Las Vegas while we are there. Lots to do & see that's for sure!!!
Still no computer for me, I'm off to the shops to have a look-c tomorrow. Know what I want just need to find it at a price that suits my budget!!! If only that money tree out the back would grow!!! So wish me luck in my search for the much needed & desperately wanted (especially by the kids!!! :0) ) computer. Can't wait to be able to upload some pics again, makes for a boring post with no pics to see :0)

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