Tuesday, February 16, 2010


YAY....can you hear the cheerin'

I got a new computer & its up & running!!!

Just got to get my photoshop & office program put on later in the week & its all good to go from there! It's been a long time since I've been able to do a lot of things & have really missed being in compt land. Strange to miss a computer but that's how it is now, so much of our live revolve around using them!! BUT I'm SOOOOO very happy to have a new compt & thanks so much to Cptn Barry for setting it all up, he's such a treasure!!

& just cause I can here's the Feb sketch from over here

A delightful sketch by Ness, must get it done!!!
& also this one from over here...

must get myself onto doing this LO, its very pretty!
Got lots of stuff that I should be doing but just can't seem to find the inspiration...got some cards to make & also some LO's that I must get scrapped!!!
I'm off to blog surf...maybe that'll help. Or at least catch me up on whats been happening over the last month!!!


phillipa said...

YAY for you!!!!!!!! xx

lindy said...

now look what fun you can have ...

Annette said...

welcome back to cyber world LOL