Sunday, January 3, 2010


Can you believe it...another year ahead already!
What will 2010 bring you?

To me...

a new computer - as mine has died - dead as a doornail!! So I have to use S laptop so no pics for a bit!

a NEW camera - I want a Nikon SLR, can't remember the model but easy to use & nice & light compared to other brands i've looked at.
an OS holiday - to take the kids Boldto Disneyland is the plan & make it a once in a lifetime holiday - have been saving...saving...saving...passports are being organised as I type :0)

to run 10kms without stopping - at present I can do 5kms so i've got a bit to go hey!!!???...but I will get there sooner or later. Running is getting easier each time I go so must up the days a week I do it from 2 to 3 from now one I think.

to keep my weight to what it is now - or maybe even loose 4 more kgs to get me to what I really would be happy with...lost 4kgs before Xmas & kept it off over Xmas/New Year celebrations!! I've got a great kick start eating plan if anyone is interested leave a comment or email me.

to celebrate the little things - good grades from the kids, fast car times from S & birthday dinners for everyone.



Anonymous said...

Hey chick would love a copy of that kickstart eating plan just what I need ! My goal is also do a 10km fun run at some stage this year so maybe we could do it together ?? mid year winter time when its nice and cool ?? here is my email adress
xx Tina

phillipa said...

Oh goody!!!! Does that mean I can come for my birthday dinner...LOL!!

Brigitte G. said...

oh my goshhh !!
yes please !! if it works, i really really really want that kick-start program of yours !!
im sooo desperate for getting healthy and to lose weight :(

Hope you have a fantastic 2010 !!