Wednesday, October 26, 2011

nothing much...

but a BROKEN computer!!!

DEAD is a better description really..

managed to save all files but one!! AMAZING to say the least...even better the one that couldn't be saved was photos that i had printed already!!


so there will be no pictures for a while...

i have to find the cable to my compt had a SD slot this one doesn't.

but here's a little share for WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY

I got new shoes!!!

well I'm not wearing them NOW but when i go out in a few weeks time i will be!!

LOVE THEM...totally impractical but totally gorgeous



Lis said...

OMG who cars if they are practical they are stunning and I love love the colour!!

Kylie said...

my fav colour BUT i would not be able to wear such a high pair of shoes...i would go @#$% over tit!!!

Yvette Adams said...

Awesome shoes!!!!! I wish I could wear heals and not look like drag queen! lol