Monday, January 24, 2011

BACK TO SCHOOL...mug shots...

Miss T & A are off to school today...
Miss T in Year 11 & darling A in Grade 8!!

Happy looking isn't he!! & her with the EverReady smile!!

Miss T looking beautiful...

Hair straightened & pretty...just for school??? 9pm last night i was hand sewing the hem of the skirt up!!! You tell me this now??? I didn't think it was too long :0)

YES..he was very pleased to have his photo taken!!

this is the 'isn't one enough' look!!
THE SOCKS...anyone who knows A knows he has issues with shoes & socks!! always has & I'm guessing by this mornings shoe/sock issue he always will!!
Socks are about 3mtrs long which didn't help...socks must be worn pulled up at all times...
or you get detention!!
Apparently the only part of his uniform he liked..his Kustom shoes!!!
of course the very cool school bag..that he earned by mowing the lawn !
I hope they have a good day & realise that they have to go back tomorrow :0)

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