Friday, July 23, 2010

a few chall LO's....

this first one for
Kraft It Up...

a very cool site that sets a chall each month based on using Kraft CS as your base plus one other element. This month the other element was to use multiple photos, 4-6.
I had the perfect set, some I took of A starting the motorbike at Ma & Grans farm. Uncle T had just taught him to ride the HUGE 125 motorbike & he was soooo pleased to be able to do it!
The one rule set down by Uncle T...'if you can't start it, you can't ride it' the challenge was set & to my amazement A didn't give up & did it!!
He's been nagging me ever since to take him back to the farm so he can ride!!! Come on footy season & be finished already...the boy has other plans :0)

This next Lo is for A2Z Scraplets

Unfortunately I didn't have the right scraplet to use on my LO this month...sorry Julie...but I'm really happy with how it turned out! Used a pic of Mum & Dad ;0) looking very stylish in their 80's gear!! LOOKING GOOD!!

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lindy said...

fabulous lo's Kylie ...btw nice background