Friday, May 28, 2010

were home...

Is so good to be home...only its a shock to the system to have to get your own meals after having been waited on for 2 weeks!!! SPOILT...
Let me just say that I loved every minute of our time in the US...even the 180minutes that we were lost in, what I'm sure' was the worst area of LA you have even seen!!
We were given a bum steer on directions for the car hire lady - I think because we said no to her upgrades!!???... anyway should have turned left instead of right or visa-versa & we would have arrived at our hotel in about 20mins or so!!!
Anyway...its all part of the adventure isn't it!!
Loved trying the food & drinks they have...very different from what we have here. Huge serves & really low prices. One tip..get you sauces & dressings on the side of your meal....or else you lettuce will be drowning in dressing!! & love the breakies at Denny's!! YUMMO
& the service you receive is 2nd to none even if your at Maccas!! Aussies have a lot to learn about service after being over there, nothing is a bother for them. I know they work on tips but if that what it takes to get good service I say bring it on.
Sight seeing around LA was a little bit over hearing what celebs go here & there but great to see the sights with out having to read a map!! Only thing we missed was going to Universal Studios...bus tour company that was to take us wouldn't accept our tickets on the first day & by the time I got it sorted out..with the time change over to Aussie was too late...oh well.
Disneyland made up for it...fantastic place...everything you would expect from such a famous place!! Only not quite as big as I expected. We got a map & decided which attractions we wanted to first & headed off. End of day 1 & we were all exhausted...the place shut at 8pm & opened at 10am so its a huge day. Lots of walking & seeing & taking of pics!!!
We spent 2 day there...more then enough we thought....met Micky & Minnie got some mickey ears so really what more could you ask for.
Then off to Vegas...amazing Vegas!! Its all the you would think & more...
Lights everywhere..BRIGHT lights everywhere...loud people & lots of drinks - EVERYWHERE & strong drinks when you buy them from little bars...not so much in the casinos but cheap all the same. Really safe feeling while walking on the strip...we had no probs at all & it was late when we were out - 10pm or so & no probs. There is shows going all the time & lots of free entertainment to see & do. Even saw the Titanic exhibit, which is based at the Luxor casino for the next 10 years. If you get the chance to go & see it (its in Melbourne at the moment I think) it is DEFINITELY worth it. Gives you goose bumps looking & reading about all the 'treasures' they have retrieved from the shipwreck. Fantastic display.
The Grand Canyon is breath taking & so worth the 5 hour it took us to drive there!! Loved it but it was freezing there...jeans, jacket, scarf was a must up in the morning & there was ice on the car - REALLY COLD!!
I will get my self organised & upload some pics this weekend..
The painter that we organised to paint while we were away was a no show...he had other work on & couldn't fit ours in so now I am attempting to do it!!!
The undercoat is done & one top coat...not looking to flash but better then what was there...
Hopefully S can touch up the edges to make it a little neater...I think its all in the equipment...the first cutting in brush I had must have been to a smaller one now & it seems to be much easier to use.
Whats the worst that can happen...the real painter can always come & do it over ;0)
Holiday pics coming soon...

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