Sunday, May 16, 2010

hi from Las Vegas...

Here we are in Las Vegas & having a great time.
Its been a BUSY week or so & we will need another holiday to recover!!
We've been to LA & got lost for 3hrs....went to some places i donit think we should have been!!! Got out alive all the same ;0)
LA is a crazy, crazy place...lots of fun though...
Disneyland was a ball...we spent 2 full days there & I think there was more to see!! Tired legs from walking & finger from taking SOOOO many pics!!
Went to the Grand Canyon yesterday & OMG AMAZING place!!
Well worth the 5hr drive...thought we'd never get there...& i drove part of the way!!!????
Not long as S didn't seem to like my driving :0)
Today were in Vegas & have been shopping & the boys at the drags!
More later...

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phillipa said...

Yes it's very exhausting this going on holidays isn't it?? Lol!
Glad you are having a great time. Miss you all...see you soon xx