Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scrapper of Oz...

Round 2 of the Scrapper of OZ comp was a doozy!!
The criteria was...
- the title “If Only …”
- a distinct left and right side (mirroring the two hemispheres of the brain)
- a heart
- one of the historic symbols of courage (swan, bear, hand, arrow, beetle, lion, dog, unicorn or crown)
Keeping in mind this is following along with The wizard of Oz story.
Here's what I came up with...
My title ' If only I knew then what I know now' & the words 'then' & 'now' are my distinct left & right sides of the LO. Used a gold crown that I got from Reverse Garbage last holiday trip in there!! & a little heart in the bottom right corner of the title. The pic is of me when I was about 16yrs old. The frill around the LO is made using paper & I learnt it from the talented Jill GG
@ at recent class she taught at Blossies.
You cut it into strips, wet it, scrunch it up & attach it to the CS...LOVE IT!!
I'll let you know what Rnd 3 is shortly...its even better!!!

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