Monday, March 2, 2009


Happy Birthday to my big sister who turned 40 on Friday - 27th Feb.
We had a surprise party for her on Saturday night & she had no idea it was happening!!
So yay for everyone for keeping it quite, she thought there was just a
small group of us going out for dinner!!
Her she is party hat & drink in hand!!

& this is what I made for her as a keepsake, a frame for everyone to sign.

It was a 'L' themed dress-up & almost everyone dress-up for the occasion. My Mum was a 'Learner Driver' with her fluffy L plates front & back.

My Dad was a 'Labourer' & wasn't he playing the part well - beer on hand & sitting down!!
My brother was dressed as 'Lips' & pulled the kiss lips to match....

My gorgeous SIL dressed as a 'Leopard', don't you love her little tail out the back!!

Darling Miss T was a 'Lifeguard' & A was 'Luke Skywalker', lightsabber & all!!

Can you tell he didn't want to have his photo taken, couldn't get him to do an action shot!!

& me I was a 'Lady-beetle'!! Do you like my antenna?
DH didn't get to come to the party as we had double booked the weekend & he had a car thing to go to...oh well...we still had fun without him!! Aren't I mean....:0)

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lindy said...

the dress-up must have been a scream