Saturday, June 11, 2011

some challenges...

that I actually finished last night!!

A pic i took from our room in SanFran..i set the camera up on the ledge & slowed the shutter speed & got a pretty cool pic!!

The chall was to use a body part in the title of your LO! A cute pic of Miss T looking at the 'stars' hand prints on Hollywood Boulevard, this LO was for a colour chall using the pinkish colour-aqua & lime green.
& i found a very old but very cute pic of Miss T & A!! adorable!!

sorry about all the extra spaces...can't seem to get rid of them???


lindy said...

Just gorgeous pages Miss K ...great pics of MissT &A

phillipa said...

Oh how cute are those pics...shame they have to grow up. Great layouts by the way.