Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scrapz. Biz. Uni

WOW..these challs are getting tricky!!
more Scrap.Biz Uni class LO's
scrap a LO of physical activity & use numbers in the title & add an animal

i used these pics of K & i at a pole fitness class that we went to for a friends b'day party a few years ago!! OMG - great time but bruised & hurting for a few days after...its hard to do!!
the rest of Wk 4 are to come

Wk3..Food Tech

scrap a LO of something you couldn't do without in the kitchen & use something found in the kitchen.

My Day to Day cookery it & use it all the time along with my CWA cook book!! i used a brown paper bag as item from the kitchen too.


Scrap about someone who helped you in child birth or after & add 4 diff pp & CS sticker.

this one was hard but found a pic of a tiny & very cute Miss T that MIL took of her waiting outside to meet her baby brother & also a pic of MIL holding cute, not-so-little A. Miss T was so excited..i must remind her of that the next time they are punching each other & calling names!!

Wk3 Speech Pathology
Scrap a conversation & use 2 speech bubbles
oh A...he fell head first of the front deck after playing tiggy on there...after being told not to run on the deck 'cause you will fall off!!! Here he was looking for the rock that caused the injuries - he was so proud to have a cut lip!! BOYS...

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Monica said...

I love your beautiful layouts! It's lovely to scrap moments like these, they are all so special :0)