Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a week...

This week has gone so fast...
here's some pics from the Pussy Cat Dolls Concert

I'm surprised to say that i like their show, i didn't know what to expect & didn't think that I would know many of their songs but what you hear on the radio is what they played. They did put on a good show & had some very fine looking male back-up dancers!
We were sitting in the floor section but in seats, pretty good seats,
got a pic of the two of us...we had a great time.
& a weird one of Lady Gaga...
this was her on the big screen just before the concert started.
I enjoyed her but shes definitely out there!!!!
Notice all the phone screens in front...
I would say that this was the most clothes she wore for the entire show, not very much material in any of her outfits :0)
One was a full body stocking with an apron made out of clear baubles - made to look like bubbles. Don't know what it was supposed to represent but guess it was memorable.
No scrappin to show - been slack.

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Jodi said...

what an experience!!
Im not a huge fan myself my my dd loves lady gaga or whatever her name is??
Im going to see pink in a couple of weeks!! Yay!! Cant wait!! It will be my first rock concert!!