Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter pics...

I found the panorama setting on my camera & gave it a go!!
not bad for my first time I think...
This is painted on a big water tank, it goes all the way around it.

The dolphins come in to be fed each day & we were lucky enough to be there when they arrived.
Here's A giving a fish to Mystic the dolphin.

Miss T & I got bored of fishing so we took some photos instead!!
I love this one of her.

We went to see the Sand Blow at Rainbow Beach, it was huge!! Couldn't imagine what it would look like & when i got to the top of the hill & looked out over it I was surprised to see it. Who knew that a pile of sand would look so good!! I took this photo looking back up the hill once we walked down to the very edge of the rock face! Great walking down but oh the walk back up was a killer!! Well worth it though.

This is the Cutlers, aren't they all beautiful!! They are who we went on holidays with. Look at cheeky B in the background!! So typical of him to run around & be crazy, he was waving a fish around & being a dill. He wouldn't sit down so I just took the photo & caught him in the photo!!
More tomorrow..

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